Dear Diary: How can I do more of what matters?

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As I grow older, I am searching daily to do more things that really matter. I want to do things that I can be remembered for. I want to leave some sort of legacy that will signal to the world that I have been here. I have lived. I mattered to someone out there. I want to leave this earth one day knowing that I’ve made a difference.

How does one do that, I’m asking myself? How do I leave footsteps that others will want to follow one day?

When I find the answers, I will share them with you. In the meantime, let me share the following information I have come across in my search for leaving that lasting legacy.

I have found there are three “C’s” for finding sanity:

CLARITY: What is my life about? (focus on this) then keep moving to what matters more
• What matters most exists in the more distant future. Live in the moment with an eye on the future.
• Vision always centres on people, not projects, products or programmes.
• Clarity requires simplicity. Describe your hopes and dreams in once coherent actionable sentence.

COURAGE: Have the courage to say no to the “good stuff” to pursue “great stuff”. Courage requires clarity. Saying “no”, so you can say “yes” to something better, is a process.

CONSISTENCY: Consistently focus on what matters. It’s not always about doing less. It’s about doing more of what matters.

Living by priorities begins with determining:-
VALUES what matters to you?
STRENGTHS – What activities give you energy?
VISION – Where do you want to apply your strengths to achieve fulfilling results?

Getting a grip on time is contained in three words:

ELIMINATE: Stop unnecessary or low priority tasks

DELEGATE: Give tasks to others

ACCELERATE: Become more efficient

What activities give you energy?

Strengths Finder Assessment Test:

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