Mindfulness: Somewhere out there . . .

Kitty hiding amongst flowers

Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.
Always work with it, not against it.
– Eckhart Tolle

• Somewhere out there, someone feels exactly like you do.

• Someone is thinking that things could be better and wondering if they will ever “arrive”

• Someone is remembering how things were before and wondering if they’ll ever let go. Someone is missing someone they love and wondering why they had to know loss.

• Someone is radiating with hope and joy and wondering if it will last.

• Somewhere right now, someone is struggling in much the same way as you.

• Someone is out of work and cash and wondering what might be next.

• Someone is waiting for an important call and wondering if it’s best not to know.

• Someone is walking away from no good and wondering if they can go on. Someone is walking toward something new and wondering if they should turn back.

• Somewhere right now, someone is transforming in much the same way as you.

• Someone is stretching into a new role and wondering if it feels right.

• Someone is reaching for a new goal and wondering who they can become.

• Someone is trying their hardest to create change and wondering if they are making strides.

• Someone is getting ready to take a leap and wondering if they will feel more alive

In spite of all our differences, we all deal with the same things, in different times and in different ways. We are all striving and struggling, learning and growing, and sometimes it can feel like we should be somewhere else – like we should be smarter, wiser, further along or closer to having an answer.

Right now, in the middle, in the messiness and uncertainty, this is where we all live. No one has it all figured out – and maybe that’s the point. When we’re finished, we’re finished. Is that really a choice we’d make?

Somewhere right now, someone is deciding it’s okay to be right where they are.

Take a deep breath, look around, and let that person be you!

Source: Tiny Wisdom on Mindfulness (Simple tips for living in the now) by Lori Deschene

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