Are you a woman of worth?

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A mother is often defined as someone who has given birth to a child. That in itself is incredible. The fact that each and every one of us has come from a woman. There is something far more special to women than simply the biological ability to give birth.

Mothers are people who change the world. They pass on wisdom, they pass on their best traits to the people they raise, they change the world through the people they influence. That’s what the most powerful moms are, they are influencers.

What’s interesting about this is that no woman needs to be a biological mother to have the best qualities of a mom, because what mom’s really are, they are agents of influence, agents of change and any woman can be that. That’s what makes women powerful, that’s what makes women special.

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How many women lose their identity when they get married and have children? When the children finally leave the nest, they end up looking for an identity again because being a woman is not just a matter of being a wife or mother. There’s this powerful woman, with parts of herself that she had forgotten along the way while she was being a mother, but the truth is . . . being a mom is not what made her special, being a powerful woman is what made her special.

Moms teach us a sense of kindness and empathy that’s unique to her and allows you to be the person you are today. Think about these questions for a few minutes . . .

• Would you be who you are today if it was not for your mother?
• Would you be in the career you’re in today if it was not for your mother?
• Would you be good at what you do if it wasn’t for your mother?

Moms are the people who change our lives.

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• Who in your life, whether it is your biological mother or a mother figure, taught you something and what was that thing she taught you?

• What would you like to pass on as a powerful woman to somebody else to change their life?

You’re incredible. You do incredible things on this earth each and every single day and you change the world in the process.

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Pay homage to a woman in your life who has given you a gift that you treasure in your heart today.



In Memory of Mom: Flowers for my mother . . .


This week marks the first year anniversary of the death of my mother. For this reason and for this week only, I will do a series of posts In Memory of Mom as my way of getting through this week.

I hope you will join me on this journey . . .

Funeral Flowers for Funeral and Memorial Services
One popular way to express your sympathy when someone dies is to send flowers to the surviving family or the deceased funeral. It is sometimes hard to express sympathetic feelings in words. When you give flowers for a funeral, the meaning is understood. When people give flowers, they are giving an expression of love, respect, and sympathy. Funeral flowers are just a symbol of these feelings. Funeral flowers create a feeling of warmth and beauty at the funeral or memorial gathering.

Selecting funeral flowers needs to encompass a message of sorrow, sympathy, and love.

The flowers you choose can express feelings and emotions and can send a meaningful message. Below are several popular flowers and what they symbolize to help you decide which ones you might want to use.
Lilies are often interpreted as a symbol of the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed. A white stargazer lily symbolizes sympathy and a white lily expresses majesty and purity.
Carnations have lasting fragrance. It was believed that the flower first appeared on earth as a result of the tears of the Virgin Mary. They are a symbol of undying love. A red carnation evokes admiration, while a pink carnation stands for remembrance. White carnations stand for pure love and innocence
Iris – Based on Goddess Iris was the links heaven and earth. Purple Iris have for hundreds of years been planted over the graves of women so that they could summon the Goddess Iris to lead their souls to heaven. The bright color of the leaves and the flowers make it popular with florists.
Tulips represent elegance and grace. The color of tulips also has meaning. Yellow tulips represent cheerfulness, white represents forgiveness, and purple represents royalty. The red tulip is said to represent perfect love
Stock flower would be your choice if you want to use a flower that symbolizes a happy and a contented existence.
Chrysanthemums (Mums) -frequently used in arrangements. White chrysanthemums are often understood to symbolize truth.
Gladiolus embodies strength of character, sincerity, and moral integrity,
Roses can be a beautiful part of an arrangement. A white rose evokes reverence, humility, innocence, and youthfulness. Red roses convey respect, love, and courage, love, grace, and gentility are the message that pink roses convey.
Marjoram conveys comfort and consolation.
Nasturtium celebrates patriotism.


Many species of flowers come in a variety of colors, so understanding the meaning behind the colors can also help one in picking just the right flower to express exactly what they want to convey.

Blue – peace, calm and serenity
Pink – grace, happiness, youth, innocence, joy
Purple – royalty, dignity, pride, success, accomplishment, admiration
Red – desire, strength, love
White – innocence, humility, simple beauty, modesty, elegance
Orange – pride, energy, enthusiasm, warmth, confidence, satisfaction, passion
Lavender – refinement, grace, elegance, feminine beauty

Flowers can be arranged in different ways according to how you are going to display them.

Wreaths – Gladiolus. Snap Dragons, lilies, and even roses can be used to create a wreath that can be placed on the side of the funeral casket.
Sprays can be large or small. Small flowers can be shaped like hearts, nosegays and can be placed inside the casket. Quarter and half casket sprays are placed on the lowered lid of an open casket. Full casket sprays cover the length of an open or closed casket. This is usually sent by the immediate family and the undertaker normally arranges for this on behalf of the family.
Baskets serves as a keepsake and is a lovely alternative to more traditional pieces. The basket is a long lasting gift of natural beauty. A basket arrangement may also be sent to a private home.
Sympathy plants provide a lasting tribute to the loved one lost, as well as a constant reminder of the friendship and affection you wish to support through the grieving process.

Remember, funeral flowers honour the dead and console the living.

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