Mindfulness: The art of doing nothing and discovering a sense of being

Field of pink flowers

Within each of us there is a silence,
a silence as vast as the universe,
and when we experience the silence,
we remember who we are.
– Gunilla Norris

Sinfonia_Mauritius by mom

Relax, peace, silence, enjoy, rejuvenate, refresh, soothe, calm, quiet

Sinfonia_Brides Veil

Listen . . .
Listen to the wind . . .
It talks!

Listen to the silence . . .
It speaks!

Listen to your heart . . .
It knows!
(A Native American)

Be still and let the beauty of life fill your heart with appreciation. Anon.

Kitty hiding amongst flowers

The benefits of nature:
• Nature is perceived as sacred and inspiring

• A sense of oneness and unity is evoked in encounters with nature

• A sense of simplicity and feelings of peace and serenity is associated with nature

• When in nature we experience surrendering and a lessened need for control

• Our energetic, emotional, physical and spiritual needs are fulfilled

• A desire to reciprocate is evoked, a caring for and enrichment of nature

• Through connectedness and harmony, we may be inspired

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