How to find your great contribution: Reflect on the journey

Brook_Water over rocks

I have just three things to teach:
• Simplicity
• Patience
• Compassion
These three are your greatest treasures.
– Lao Tzu


Did you know there are 5 sources of competence? They are:
1. Natural talent and aptitude
2. Developed skill
3. Wisdom gleaned through relationships
4. Knowledge from school and books
5. Insight gained from success and failure

The source of your great contribution:
The first step is to reflect on your frailty or lack, not on your strength(s).

How are you solving your need for meaning or fulfilment?
Great competency emerges out of great struggle. The issue you’re solving is the answer someone else needs. Find your great contribution by working through personal frailty.

Your great contribution is answering a personal struggle. “What’s important to you about feeling like you’re worth something?”


Reflect on the answers you need. Give others the solutions you find.

Your journey has the answer: Pretending you’re something you’re not, blocks your great contribution.

Life_Hand releasing butterfly

Reflect on the journey:
1. What issues are you solving?
2. How is your story connected to your passion?
3. What adversities have you overcome?
4. How does your journey enhance your worth?

What blocks your great contribution?

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