How do I start a blog?

Ant (pondering)

Many of you have asked me this question via my blog and I’ve decided to answer the question via this post.

Before you even start your blog you need to answer these simple questions:

1) What is the purpose of your blog? Why do you want to write a blog? Do you want it to just be an online journal of your life (like mine), do you want to share information (like recipes, Do-It-Yourself tips etc). What exactly do you want to write about and why do you think its necessary to share this information?

2) Target audience – who is your target audience? If you want to blog about fashion tips, your target audience will be those interested in fashion trends (as an example)

3) Hosting platform – which hosting platform do you want to use? I use WordPress because it’s the easiest to set up with a whole lot of free features but some people use, for example.

4) Frequency – how often do you want to blog. Do you want to post daily, weekly, monthly blogs? If you want to do a daily blog, do you have enough material to write about? Remember, if you start a daily blog and start writing less because you have run out of material, you will lose your readers. You need to be consistent in your writing. I have chosen to write weekly – yes, I sometimes miss a week but then make sure I write the next week. If I missed more than one week, I would slowly lose my readers so I try very hard to be consistent.


Find your guide here:

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “How do I start a blog?

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