The Estate.

A story of life in the e city of Cape Town, South Africa

Jenga Man

Ivan & Fosie

I grew up in a comfortable three bedroomed house in the Cape Coloured suburb of Belgravia Estate. It was part of the greater Athlone area on the north- western fringe of the Cape Flats. But we refused to be bundled together with Athlone and preferred calling it Rondebosch East, which better suited our coloured middle class status. There is no such place as Rondebosch East. But there are suburbs east of Rondebosch. I was born in Rondebosch but the family had to pack up and move when so enforced by the Group Areas Act. Rondebosch became a whites only suburb and we relocated to Belgravia Estate, five kilometres east. It still sows much confusion when asked by my white colleagues where I was brought up.

‘Are you from the Cape Flats?’

‘No,’ I would shrug smugly, ‘I lived in Rondebosch East.’

‘But where exactly?’ they probed.

‘Near the stadium.’


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