Me . . . The budding Entrepreneur . . .


If you are one of my regular followers you will know that I am working on a plan to start working from home in 2016. If you are new to this blog – WELCOME! Hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

My plan as a budding entrepreneur is to have multiple sources of income so I have a constant flow of income throughout the month and I’m not relying on income coming from one source. The reason for my decision is that I’ve become tired (and bored) of building someone else’s empire. I want to wake up each morning knowing that I am going to thoroughly love what I do for the day, however, Rome was not built in a day and I need loads of patience, faith and hope in order to realise my dream.

This journey requires me to have mental stamina because entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint and in order to keep going, I need to have mental strength. I’m learning that success begins with ME. It’s an inside job and it’s something I have to do on purpose, day in and day out.

Speaking at St Marks_District Six Diocese 09.08.2013 017

I’m learning that when you’re trying to achieve something you’ve never achieved before it often brings up lots of fear, and with fear comes excuses . . .

“I don’t have the time, the money, the knowledge, I’m not ready yet, etc, etc.”

I have to condition myself daily to overcome the fear, to tell the excuses to go away and to allow myself to step up and be the person I need to be in order to make it happen. When the challenges arise, when things go wrong, when everything feels like it’s taking forever, I have to have the right mind-set to be able to deal with it and keep moving forward. This will be my biggest asset in life because with the right attitude I will eventually manifest a life I love.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is how the saying goes. This means that I need to make friends with like-minded people, who get me and who will want to help me along my journey. This takes time – lots of time. I need to have people by my side who I can turn to to talk about my experiences and challenges and who will help me get perspective on things and give me advice, people who will be there to celebrate my “wins” with me. This will make a huge difference.

Entrepreneurship can be so lonely, if you let it be . . . I’m planning for it not to be.

DPSA_Learner Guides

There are so many people out there who are just like me, and when I find those people and connect with them it will help inspire, motivate and support me. I’m spending a huge chunk of my time starting to get better connected by reaching out to people who I can resonate with. I’m sending e-mails, joining Facebook groups, going to networking events (when time permits) and attending conferences, seminars and workshops. I’m trying to hang out where other like-minded people hang out to start building friendships.

I need to be consistent and focussed: This is something I learned very early in life when I learned to play the organ (keyboard) and piano as a child. I was reminded of this again not too long ago when I learned Sign Language as my third language and I am currently being reminded of the need to be consistent and focused on my Voice Coaching lessons (thanks to my wonderful Voice Coach, Barbara).

Sadly, I’m not as good at playing my instruments as I could have or should have been because “work” and “life” got in the way and I was not able to put in the required number of hours of consistent practice. My exposure to Deaf people is limited to a small group who come to our church on Sundays so I’m struggling to practice and improve my vocabulary. The Voice Coaching is meant to be used as another source of income so I’m planning to be more consistent and focused and to keep at it (thanks to my wonderful Coach, Barbara).

What all of this has taught me is that if you want to be great at something, you have to practice being great at it consistently and you have to stay focussed on it.

Life not about finding yourself

Setting up a new business is exactly the same, if you want to be great, you have to practice being great every day . . . even when you have nobody visiting your website, nobody phoning to ask you for a quote, nobody phoning to hire you – even when you feel like you keep doing things wrong.

I’ve learned that hopping from one idea/strategy to the next leads to inconsistency. You start doing something and before long, you’ve moved on to something else . . . never really allowing yourself the opportunity to be really great at what you do. Instead of doing a million things all at once, I need to focus on being consistent at one thing (or a few). Once I am great at it, I need to keep up the practice and then move on.

While planning my business, I need to keep it simple: I’m learning fast that starting a business can become overwhelming and chaotic because there is just so much that needs to be done. I’m spending so much time doing e-learning (teaching myself new skills via the internet, looking at websites and watching videos on YouTube to see how other like-minded people are working), it’s exhausting! I find the only way I can stay focussed is to work with a To Do List. I’m totally lost without my To Do List. When I know what I need to do and by when, I don’t feel so overwhelmed. When I am intentional about what I want to achieve for the day, keep things simple and plan my day I feel so much happier and make lots more progress. I am also able to prioritise the things that are REALLY important and meaningful to me.

Vineyard Hotel Garden_2015-02-28 14.01.46

One of the most important things on my To Do List and scheduled into my diary is “ME TIME” which is not negotiable. Something new I’ve just learned is that when setting up a business, one should also schedule time for monthly reflection and planning time and weekly business development time.

Something new which I am trying to teach myself is to allow myself to receive and enjoy what I want and to allow myself to enjoy where I am at right now. I don’t know about you, but I have a habit of saying “when I achieve X I’ll be able to enjoy things more”, or I end up feeling guilty for allowing myself to do things that are important to me, like taking time off to just go for a drive, spend time with family or friends, work out at the gym or even just to sit and read a book.

We tend to put off doing the little (and big) things which would actually create more happiness in our lives. When you improve the quality of your life (and make time to do the things you want to do), you also improve your business (or work if you are employed somewhere), because when you’re at your best, your business (or work) will thrive (Rachael Cook).

High Tea tray at my birthday

I’m on a journey to open myself up to receiving the abundance I want, to being happy right now to enjoy the journey I am on right now. It’s a conscious decision I have to make to feel these things and to welcome these things into my life with open arms.

Life’s a journey – enjoy the ride!

Life’s a journey – not a destination!

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