Caped in Cape Town, finding my tribe…

From one super woman to another

Fiona Juan -Author and Coach

When I was little, I wanted to be a boy more than anything in the whole world. They had more freedom and more opportunity. They did more interesting stuff, and most of all, they got to be superheros. All the superheros I knew of were male. They were hardcore, ripped and insanely cool. The female supes were not as cool, always cast as the villain , favouring tiny outfits and weapons that could be thrown from a safe distance, usually providing mere back up to the guys. I grew up with Marvel, Judge Dread and Eagle, living my dreams between their pages, travelling the universe and wishing that life had more opportunity for brown girls.

Not much has changed 30 years later. Now instead of sprawling on the floor with my brothers and their comic books, I get to watch real life heros in action. My understanding of heroism has…

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