Oh, to be an ant: Little on earth but exceedingly wise

Ant (animated)

My last post (seems like ages ago) tied in with the Writers’ Bootcamp (http://www.writersbootcamp.com) I had just discovered via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WritersBootCamp?hc_location=timeline) which is running for the month of July.

Today is day 16 of the boot camp and this is only the second post based on their choice of topic I have managed to write. The topic for today is: If I were an insect, I’d be . . .

If I were an insect, I’d be an ant. Have you ever taken the time to observe a colony of ants – or even just one ant? We could learn so much from them. If I was an ant, I think I would be a great teacher.

I would be proactive; I would not need managers, leaders or supervisors to coerce me to work. I would be self-motivated because I would be purpose driven. I would be a diligent worker with an inherent commitment to excellence.

I would be assiduous – having an innate industriousness about me. Always busy, always finding things to do. When not earning money, I would occupy my time with things I enjoy doing like craft work, reading or even voluntary work (I just love being of service to others).

I would be neat, an extremely organised planner. Planning for the future is important to me. I prefer to be prepared for the unexpected. I not only have a plan A but also a plan B and C.

As an ant, I would need to be a team player because ants generally work in teams. I would work together with others towards a singular goal and will mobilize additional workers when there is a need.

Much of the success of ants is due to task sharing and cooperation. I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and skills. I have been called a “miss know-it-all” by some who have misunderstood my need for sharing my knowledge and skills. My methods may not be the best, but my intention is always good.

Ant (pondering)

Generally speaking, I do not procrastinate. I live by the motto: Do what you can today because you never know what you will need to deal with tomorrow. After all, we don’t even know if we will live to see tomorrow – very much like the little ant. Always scurrying along, always having something to do – places to go, team members to assist. No time for laziness.

Instead of complaining about our life or work, we need to wake up and break free from our comfort zones. Without action, nothing will change.

Next time I feel small, irrelevant or inadequate, I will remember the ant and will once again be inspired!

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