Life without chocolate . . .

Chocolates in box

To coincide with my writers block these past few weeks, I just found out about a writers bootcamp ( which is running on Facebook ( and Twitter ( for the month of July. This entails committing to write and post (on your blog) in 60 minutes every day of July. A new topic is posted at 6pm (South African time).

Today is day 3 of the boot camp and although I missed out on the first two days, I thought I would give it a try today. The topic for today is: I just could not live without . . .

Mmm . . . did not take me too long to decide on this one. It is chocolate of course. How can anyone even think about surviving without chocolate?

Growing up, chocolate has always been my reward for “being a good girl” and to make me feel better. Nothing stops the tears from flowing like a piece of chocolate. As an adult, this reward has continued. When I feel down in the dumps (not really depressed, just down), when I am unhappy or frustrated, I quickly reach for a piece of chocolate and all is well with my world.

What is it about chocolate I love so much you may be asking? Well, nothing beats that smooth texture on my tongue as it melts away in my mouth, some sweeter than others. Some have nuts, some are made of white chocolate and others made of dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is my favourite – especially the dark chocolate with orange peel in them. I find white chocolate very sweet so only eat those occasionally.

Chocolate gives me a sense of peace, tranquillity and security, like a security blanket for a child. It soothes away all the emotional pain and sorrow. It brings me joy, peace and comfort.
Nothing beats a piece of chocolate – not a whole box or whole slab all at once, just a few blocks or two or three little ones, that is all.

Want to be my friend? Come with a chocolate and we will be friends for life!

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