Dear Diary: Don’t quit in anticipation of future failure


This post was inspired by an article I read recently which can be found here

Looking at the United States Navy Seals training, there are some who make it through the demanding training and those who don’t – why?

What stood out for me in this article was the following:-

The vast majority of Navy Seals in training don’t quit during the training. Most quit during breakfast or lunch. They quit “in anticipation of the difficult conditions to come”.
I don’t know about you, but I tend to be like this too. I have so much negative talk going on inside my head that it is easier to convince myself that I cannot do something than to convince myself that I can.

They self-eliminated, not because they did not have the abilities to perform the tasks, but because they feared that the challenges to come would be too difficult and they would fail (and fail in front of their peers).
How about you? Do you feel this way too? I know I do sometimes. My father was a perfectionist and nothing was ever good enough for him. He would tell me I could not do something before I even tried which resulted in me, many times, not even trying for fear of failing and hearing my father utter the words “see, I told you so” and also having my peers laugh at me.

This article goes on to speak about some curious factors that help predict success for example:
Competitive athletes who also excelled as chess players are three times as likely to graduate as those who did not play chess. Why?

Chess players are always thinking two or three moves ahead. They are not concerned with the current predicament, they are less emotional, less knee-jerky and are always thinking about long term problem solving i.e. they don’t quit before they have even started.

The key message from this article is: DON’T QUIT!
Don’t quit in anticipation of future failure. Decide now not to quit, decide to keep going with the confidence that you can do more than you think you can do, in spite of the pain, the cold, the heat, the sand, fatigue or whatever it is you will inevitably face.

Use your power of choice to decide that you can make it through – even the most challenging times.

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, your right.
– Henry Ford

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