Dear Diary: It’s been a while . . .


When I started this blog I made a commitment to post a blog at least once per week, however, since the beginning of 2014, there have been many obstacles in my path which has made it extremely difficult to live up to this commitment.

It’s been a real battle to keep writing down my thoughts when there has been so much going on inside my head. Since taking over the running of the household from my mom to give her time to rest when she needs to, has really thrown me off balance.

From the time I enter our home in the evenings after work, I don’t have much time to think about anything except getting supper going, serving mom and spending some time with her before she goes off to bed. This usually involves us chatting while having supper, chatting while watching some television after our meal while having tea/coffee and biscuits before she decides to retire for the evening. This is usually when I get myself off the couch to clean the kitchen of all the dishes and to get things ready for the next day. My day is filled with planning tomorrow’s meal, shopping for little perishable goods at least twice per week and of course, cleaning the house when I can manage it.

What goes on inside my head, I hear you asking? Well, when not making up grocery lists, planning meals, thinking of ways I can make things easier and more comfortable for mom, I try to work on my assignments (another two due in April of which one is a three-page essay which needs a load of research), there are personal e-mails to read and respond to, social media contacts to keep in touch with (especially the ones who can help with me finding another job or those who can assist with information for my assignments).

To give you some idea of what my life was like in March – our home telephone was out of order for approximately two weeks. This meant constant “fighting” with our national service provider to fix it. While this was happening, mom’s medical aid informed us that they need a new script for her monthly supply which resulted in another “fight” between government healthcare, private healthcare and myself (me being passed around like a tennis ball in a tennis match). At the same time, my other telephone line at home which I use for the internet connection, also died so now I had two telephone lines which needed fixing as soon as possible. Then . . . my car decided he needed a holiday and ended up at the garage for two weeks waiting for the spare part to arrive before it could be fixed.

A week before the end of March I managed to get both telephone lines restored, mom’s medical script sorted and collected my car on the last working day of March repaired and ready to go again.

Oh, also during the month of March, I re-typed mom’s Last Will and Testament and made a Living Will for her together with a document outlining her last wishes (which included her selecting the hymns she wants us to sing at her funeral).

I do apologise for not being able to post blogs as often as I would like, but life is rather hectic on my side at present. I do hope you will understand. I will do my best to stick to my commitment, though!

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