Conversations with Myself: Whatever shall I wear?

Dress Code

Are you like me always wondering what the different dress codes mean when you receive an invitation to a function or an event?

Do you ever get that sinking feeling in your stomach? What do I wear? Will I be over dressed or under dressed?

Dressing appropriately for each occasion will ensure you feel more comfortable and also adds an element of respect for the host. There is nothing worse than arriving at a function dressed inappropriately.

Here is a short list of recommendations for common dress codes for functions, events, meetings and parties.

This is formal dress code. Ball gowns, long evening dresses and dressy evening separates are expected.

Ultra formal. Requires long evening gowns only.

This is reasonably similar to black tie, but without the more strict guidelines to follow. Women should probably still wear a long evening dress, but shorter dresses are still acceptable. Events after 6pm require gents evening dress suits to be dark.

Generally cocktail means short, elegant dresses, or dress suits.

More relaxed. Very similar to cocktail dress code.

This takes a more casual stance on the formal dress code. Women can afford to shorten the hemline of the skirt of their dress and wear more of a cocktail length dress.

This can be quite general. Women could wear dress pants with a pretty shirt/top, or a more casual skirt or dress to that of the cocktail dress. Generally we would choose not to wear denim jeans to a smart casual event.

Always remember – the way we dress is an unspoken expression of ourselves.

Source: Sorry . . . can’t remember where I found this information (Apologies to the original author)

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