Conversations with myself: Who am I?


As part of my training as Facilitator, I need to arrange a workshop or speak at an event or meeting and my topic of choice is Gender Roles and Gender Stereotypes. My idea is to link this to identity and how gender roles and gender stereotypes influence our identity.

Questions I am considering are:
• As a female – who am I?
• How do we feel about ourselves (the roles that we play/society’s expectations of us)?
• What is the difference between sex and gender? Is there a difference?
• How do others perceive me?
• What is it like to be me? Who am I?
• What assumptions do people make about me that are true/not true?
• What stereotypes do I play into, on purpose or not?

What do you think? Would you want to attend my workshop?

Do you know anyone who would be interested in attending such a workshop?

I could even turn this topic into a talk/presentation for your social/church/networking group meeting.

What do you think?

Contact me at:

One thought on “Conversations with myself: Who am I?

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