Conversations with Myself: Finding the time to read

Woman Reading in bed Animation

Towards the end of 2007 while recovering from surgery, I started reading a book – fiction, very well written, one of those that really hold your attention, which you find very difficult to put down. I, however, only managed to get three quarters of the way through the book when sadly I needed to put the book down so I could return to work. I drive myself to work, so I cannot even read while sitting in traffic. I usually work through lunch (which is only half an hour) so no use taking the book with me, is there?

Around the same time, I developed trouble with my eyesight which makes it very difficult to read in artificial light (especially at night), so my reading has to be restricted to daylight hours. My daylight hours over weekends are usually taken up by family responsibilities making it virtually impossible to continue reading my book. Here and there I manage to “steal” a few minutes to read and what fascinates me about this book, is that no matter how long it’s been since I’ve managed to read, I can pick up immediately where I left off the last time.

Is it because of the engaging way in which the book has been written? Is it because it is a topic close to my heart? I really cannot say, but there is something about this book that makes me want to finish it in spite of the difficulty I’m having in doing so.
The book is called: Eyes of Elisha written by Brandilyn Collins (bestselling author of Web of Lies). The story is about an ugly murder. The killer was sure no one saw him/her but someone did. The twists and turns in the story keep one guessing and gasping and wanting to know more. I am so anxious to finish the book, so reluctant to put it down each time, yet I struggle to find the time to finish the book.

Do you also struggle with finding time to read? I read so much – I’m connected to various networks via the internet and have so much reading to do through e-mail updates and newsletters sent to me. This reading I do at night on my laptop while sitting in front of the TV after work multi-tasking while having my supper. After supper, I go to the study to do more reading relating to my part time studies towards my BA Criminology degree through University of South Africa (Unisa).

I’m reading all the time, absorbing information like a sponge, yet I just cannot get to finish reading this book I so desperately want to finish. I have so many books piling up on my bookshelf which I have bought to read either because I am passionate about the topic and want to know more or because they relate to and can help me with my studies, but when will I ever get to them?

Do you struggle to find time to read a book? I’m not talking about work or study related reading, I’m talking about a book/novel? What do you do to make time to read? Do you also struggle like I do?

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