In Pursuit of my African Dream – I did it my way!



. . .  and now, the end is near

And so I face, the final curtain . . .


As I write this the temperature outside is in the region of 30 degrees and the words of the song My Way sung by Frank Sinatra is going through my mind. Wow! I cannot believe that we are so close to the end of 2012. Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday I was wondering what 2012 had in store for me and here we are, nearly at the end already. What a year this has been.


I’ve managed to juggle work, studying part time and family responsibilities successfully while remaining relatively sane in the process. In one of my previous posts, I’m sure I mentioned my studies through Disabled People of South Africa (DPSA) where we have various assignments to submit as part of our Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) in order to achieve a Certificate of Competence at the end of our study period (which is at the end of 2013). My last PoE consisted of me having to facilitate a workshop for disabled people. I had to research the needs of the community, research the audience, the topics etc, design the workshop programme and actually do the facilitation myself. I then had to submit all the paperwork prepared including photographs taken of me “in action” as part of my PoE. I am pleased to announce that I have achieved the result of “Competent” for this particular assignment so I can consider that to be “done and dusted” for this year.


In about two weeks from now, I will travel to Johannesburg once again for our last training (winding down) workshop for 2012 where we will wrap up our learning for 2012 and chart the way forward for our last stretch in 2013.


I have just finished (this week) writing my Unisa exam for the module Psychology in the Work Context which did not go too well, I’m afraid, so I anxiously await the results. If I did not make it I hope that I will at least qualify to write a supplementary exam in January 2013 – if not, I will be very disappointed. Still to come this forthcoming week is my last exam for 2012 which is Skills Course for Law Students. This is very much a general knowledge course on communication and research skills so I’m fairly confident about this module. I’m not too stressed about this one.


After my Unisa exams I still need to complete two assignments for a work-related course I completed earlier on this year. We have 3 months from date of completion of the course to complete the assignments in order to receive our Certificate of Competence.


Apart from my studies I have been very busy planning a very special celebration. My mom celebrates her 70th birthday in January 2013 and I’ve been working hard at planning to make it as extra special for her as I possibly can. In order to ensure that my salary stretches as far as I wanted it to, I also planned Christmas in January this year already so I had enough money to go around – so I was working on the birthday and Christmas plans side-by-side.


By the end of January this year I had half my Christmas gifts bought and paid for and the rest of Christmas has now been sorted. All gifts have been bought and paid for. Christmas lunch has been booked and paid for. The gift tags – the first draft of the design has been done. I’m not really happy with what I’ve done so I need to do some more work on this before I can print and start wrapping my gifts. It is really only the beginning of November now so waiting another week or two until after my exams won’t be that much of a problem.


Regarding the birthday celebrations – everything is on track and paid for. One final payment needs to be made at the end of November and then all that’s left is to tell mom what the plans are. Can’t wait – she will be soooo excited.


Our celebrations actually start this week already with the birthday of my niece on Sunday 4 November, followed by my nephew on Wednesday 7 November (brother and sister who are 3 days and 3 years apart) which will be followed by a combined birthday party on Saturday 10 November which happens to be my sister’s wedding anniversary. How’s that for a celebration? By the way, my sister was married for 3 years when the eldest was born.


Well, here’s to an exciting and busy few weeks ahead before I can even think of winding down for the year and prepare for my well deserved annual rest in December over the Christmas period.


I cannot wait for my annual leave this year – I’ve been rather busy, physically and mentally.

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