In pursuit of my African Dream – Developing my skills . . .

In pursuit of my African Dream I have been developing my skills to enable me to realise my dream – to make a difference.

At the Disabled People of South Africa (DPSA) Disabled Women Leadership Development Programme (DWLDP) training workshop this past week by Nyameka & Associates @Willow Park Conference Centre in Kempton Park, Johannesburg I leant:-

  • Everybody has the ability to learn – it’s just that we all learn differently
  • Learning and retention of information depends on our willingness to learn, our environment (whether we are physically comfortable or not) and the time of day (morning, afternoon or evening)
  • Learning styles are not fixed – there is no right or wrong way of learning. Everyone has a mixed style of learning

It is true that there should be a systematic way of learning but there is no fixed system. What works for me would not necessarily work for you. Some draw mind maps, while others use pictures, some are able to study with music playing in the background while others, like me, prefer perfect silence.

Reflective learners like to work alone, away from others while active learners prefer to work in groups.

What is your preferred learning style?

3 thoughts on “In pursuit of my African Dream – Developing my skills . . .

  1. I learn best by doing, & early in the day. The middle of the afternoon is not a good time for learning new info, but it is great for yoga & meditation!


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