Still in pursuit of the African Dream – where has the money gone?

In pursuit of the African Dream, I have a problem understanding why so much money is being wasted in this country. In one of the latest issues of Mail and Guardian Online, it was reported that  Life Line counselling service may have to close down due to Lottery funds which are not coming through. On the other hand, it has also been reported that the Lottery fund is going to provide R40-million towards the youth festival, the balance will be funded by Treasury.

The Lottery fund does not have money (supposedly) to pay legitimate causes like Life Line (and others), but they have R40-million to fund an event for the youth – not to mention the millions paid to the lucky winners each week. The mind boggles!

According to the National Lotteries Board website, they are obliged to pay 45% of funds to charities, 22% to arts, culture and natural heritage and 5% for miscellaneous purposes. What about the rest of the money? Why not reduce the prize money and give more to the charities that need that money to survive and who provide a much needed service to the community?

Why do we spend so much money on events? surely cheaper venues and other service providers can be found? Why pay R300 per person for a meal when one person cannot possibly eat R300.00 worth of food in one sitting?

The mind boggles . . .

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